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Bryan has over 25 years of business experience as an owner and CEO. In his various entrepreneurial ventures Bryan has excelled in sales and marketing of both products and services. 

A well know fact is that most Main Street businesses are sold through online advertising.
With Bryan’s demonstrated skills in promotions and digital marketing he can bring his insights, creativity and experience to help you get the best deal possible on the sale of your business. 

Bryan hosts his own weekly business talk radio program called Bryan2Business B2B Talk Radio, on 1510AM 105.3FM MoneyRadio.

The Team of Bryan and Byrne




We leverage our deep experience to provide you with innovative strategies that deliver results. Working together, we provide unmatched value to business owners seeking an exit strategy or growth through acquisition. 

Bryan Detwiler started and grew several successful businesses and understands the sacrifices, efforts, and concerns of small business owners. John Byrne worked as a CPA and business valuation expert for over 30 years. He has a deep understanding of value drivers and how to position your company to maximize its value at 

John Byrne CPA, ABV


 I am a CPA and have been a trusted advisor to business owners for over 30 years. I also earned the Accredited in Business Valuation designation issued by the AICPA. I understand the challenges that buyers and sellers face in today's market and am ready to provide the analysis and exposure required to sell your company. 


Bryan2Business Talk Radio with Bryan Detwiler and John Byrne

Listen every Thursday at Noon on 1510AM 105.3FM Money Radio to the Bryan2Business Talk Radio Show it is a fresh, fun and authentic look at business leaders and industries. We will pull back the curtain on how businesses and industries really do business and how they are really faring in the current marketplace. Guests will include world class business leaders,Entrepreneurs,  as well as,  top tier experts in their fields. Our goal is to bring you every week engaging, entertaining and actionable content that will arm  you with the information and insights that will guide you as a business owner, future business owner or investor that wants to win in the world of business.  

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Bryan Detwiler and John Byrne

Bryan Detwiler, PLLC, CMSBB PH 480-486-9096 Bryan@bryanandbyrne.com John Byrne, CPA/ABV 480-579-4688 byrne@bryanandbyrne.com